Jon Deming

Co-Founder / LeadJar

Automatically route leads to sales with a round robin distribution

HubSpot seemingly has everything under the sun. A CRM, email automation tools, a CMS, a ticketing system. The list goes on and on. When it comes to distributing leads to your sales team, you'd think they'd have plenty of options for that as well.

Short answer: they don't

Do a few searches in their Community, and you'll notice many threads about a lack of true round robin functionality. Which leads us to the question - what's a true round robin? As mentioned by TechTarget, a simple way to think of a round robin is that it's about "taking turns."

If you've got four sales reps on your team, rep A would get the first lead, rep B the second lead, rep C the third lead, and rep D the fourth lead. After that, the process starts over. A step up from that is a weighted distribution - giving some reps additional leads based on a variety of reasons. Here are some common ways SaaS companies can utilize a round robin or weighted distribution:

Create a true even distribution of leads: If I had a dollar for every time I've heard a sales rep complain about this, I'd be Elon Musk. No more random lead assignments based on who knows what. Balance it out evenly across the team.

Give more leads to your best performers: Is someone on your team crushing the competition? Send those ready to buy or highest value leads to your best reps so they can follow up and close them asap.

Ease new reps into the fold with a ramp up period: The best way to build confidence on calls and demos is by getting reps. Maybe you want to give someone 10% of new leads for their first month and scale up from there? A weighted round robin is perfect for that.

Quickly remove reps when they're out of office (and add them back in when they return): Even sales reps take PTO. Easily take someone out of the lead rotation, and put them back in it with a weighted distribution or round robin.

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